Adjectif ou adverbe ? Exercice anglais

Adjectif ou adverbe ? Exercice anglais

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Choisissez entre un adjectif ou un adverbe:

  1. A visit to this museum is  recommended.
  2. He was working  but his co-workers couldn’t remain .
  3. It was so  at the concert that I had to shout out  to make myself understood.
  4. This book is . It is  written.
  5. I  parked my car behind the building.
  6. When she saw him, she became  .
  7. How are you today? Quite . I’m not tired at all.
  8. The weather changed suddenly and turned .

  1. highly
  2. silently / silent
  3. loud / loudly
  4. interesting / interestingly
  5. carefully
  6. extremely / angry
  7. good
  8. cold


  1. the good sheperd dit :

    une petite erreur sur la correction exercice 2
    -5 pas quite mais well

    autrement superbe exercices, bravo

    1. Mat dit :

      Merci, je corrige ça !

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