Adjectifs anglais exercices

Adjectifs anglais: exercices

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Exercice 1

Complétez le tableau suivant:

comparatif superlatif

Exercice 2

Mettez la forme correcte de chaque adjectif (positif, comparatif ou superlatif):

  1. This house is (high)  than the garage.
  2. That’s the (good)   song this singer has made so far.
  3. The trip is almost as (long)  by car as it is by train.
  4. My dog is the (clever)  dog of all.
  5. She is (happy)  with her new car than with her old one.
  6. Some of the (intelligent)  people have studied at this university.
  7. You are as (funny)  as a clown.
  8. To me there isn’t a (pleasant)  pastime than a walk along the beach.
  9. He is not as (rich)  as everyone believes him to be.
  10. That was the (big)  burger I have ever eaten.

Exercice 3

Complétez les phrases suivantes avec les adjectifs qui conviennent:

1. She is four years than me.

a) elder b) older

2. The spider is still 

a) alive b) live

3. Their house is quite 

a) small b) little

4. She has a nice   apartment in town.

a) little b) small c) les deux

5. You are a  child.

a) mere b) merely

6. She is a / an  woman.

a) frightened b) afraid

7. Nurses look after  people.

a) ill b) sick

8. I feel 

a) unhappy b) unhappily

9. I need  eggs.

a) four large b) large four

10. This phone is  isn’t it?

a) new b) newly

Exercice 4

Remplissez les cases avec les adjectifs suivants:

Resourceful Greedy Illiterate Useless Unforgettable Energetic Sleepless
Priceless Quarrelsome Dangerous Courageous Daily Literate unpopular

1. A man of great courage => A   man

2. A night in which you could not sleep at all => A  night

3. A person who cannot read and write => A/An  person

4. A gift of immense value => A  gift

5. An experience which you cannot forget => An  experience

6. A person whom nobody likes => A/An  person

7. A newspaper that comes out every day => A   newspaper

8. A person who can read and write => A  person

9. A person who is always quarreling with everyone => A  person

10. A person who is never content with what he has and wants more and more => A  person

11. A person who is good at finding solutions to problems => A  person

Correction exercice 1

comparatif superlatif
dark darker darkest
nice nicer nicest
heavy heavier heaviest
beautiful more beautiful most beautiful
bad worse worst

Correction exercice 2

  1. higher
  2. best
  3. as long
  4. cleverest
  5. happier
  6. most intelligent
  7. as funny
  8. more pleasant
  9. as rich
  10. biggest

Correction exercice 3

  1. She is four years older than me.
  2. The spider is still alive.
  3. Their house is quite small.
  4. She has a nice little / small apartment in town.
  5. You are a mere child.
  6. She is a frightened woman.
  7. Nurses look after sick people.
  8. I feel unhappy.
  9. I need four large eggs.
  10. This phone is new, isn’t it?

Correction exercice 4

  1. A courageous man
  2. A sleepless night
  3. An illiterate person
  4. A priceless gift
  5. An unforgettable experience
  6. An unpopular person
  7. A daily newspaper
  8. A literate person
  9. A quarrelsome person
  10. A greedy person
  11. A resourceful person

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