Do VS Make – Exercice anglais en ligne (corrigé + PDF)

Do VS Make – Exercice anglais en ligne (corrigé + PDF)

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Remplissez les cases avec make ou do à la forme qui convient:

  1. Sam  a small fortune by selling is car.
  2. Those machines  so much noise!
  3. You’ll have to  an appointment to see the doctor.
  4. He  some research when he  the discovery.
  5. Would you  an effort to  this exercise?
  6. Someone  an offer for the car.
  7. He tried to  a pie but it was a complete failure.
  8. I don’t think this  any sense.
  9. Nico  a very good job fixing my computer.
  10. You  wonders with my old bike!

  1. has made
  2. are making
  3. make
  4. was doing, made
  5. make, do
  6. has made
  7. make
  8. makes
  9. did
  10. have done

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