Exercice – Les adjectifs en anglais (niveau 4ème)

Exercice – Les adjectifs en anglais (niveau 4ème)

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Remplissez les cases avec les adjectifs suivants:

Resourceful Greedy Illiterate Useless Unforgettable Energetic Sleepless
Priceless Quarrelsome Dangerous Courageous Daily Literate unpopular

1. A man of great courage => A   man

2. A night in which you could not sleep at all => A  night

3. A person who cannot read and write => A/An  person

4. A gift of immense value => A  gift

5. An experience which you cannot forget => An  experience

6. A person whom nobody likes => A/An  person

7. A newspaper that comes out every day => A   newspaper

8. A person who can read and write => A  person

9. A person who is always quarreling with everyone => A  person

10. A person who is never content with what he has and wants more and more => A  person

11. A person who is good at finding solutions to problems => A  person

  1. A courageous man
  2. A sleepless night
  3. An illiterate person
  4. A priceless gift
  5. An unforgettable experience
  6. An unpopular person
  7. A daily newspaper
  8. A literate person
  9. A quarrelsome person
  10. A greedy person
  11. A resourceful person

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