Exercice – Les adjectifs en anglais (niveau 5ème)

Exercice – Les adjectifs en anglais (niveau 5ème)

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Mettez la forme correcte de chaque adjectif (positif, comparatif ou superlatif):

  1. This house is (high)  than the garage.
  2. That’s the (good)   song this singer has made so far.
  3. The trip is almost as (long)  by car as it is by train.
  4. My dog is the (clever)  dog of all.
  5. She is (happy)  with her new car than with her old one.
  6. Some of the (intelligent)  people have studied at this university.
  7. You are as (funny)  as a clown.
  8. To me there isn’t a (pleasant)  pastime than a walk along the beach.
  9. He is not as (rich)  as everyone believes him to be.
  10. That was the (big)  burger I have ever eaten.

  1. higher
  2. best
  3. as long
  4. cleverest
  5. happier
  6. most intelligent
  7. as funny
  8. more pleasant
  9. as rich
  10. biggest

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