exercice anglais les démonstratifs

Exercice anglais: les démonstratifs

Les démonstratifs en anglais: exercice en ligne avec corrigés et PDF

Rappel: les pronoms démonstratifs sont this, that, these et those. On les utilise pour désigner des choses ou des personnes.

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Les corrections se trouvent en bas de page.


Choisissez le pronom démonstratif qui convient: 

  1. I like  movie a lot more than one they showed last month.
  2. I really like  bar!
  3. I prefer  glasses to  ones over there.
  4.  chair is a lot more comfortable than  one.
  5. Would you rather have  blueberrys or  oranges?
  6. For the price of  computer you can buy three of  smartphones.
  7. I hope that  winter will be nicer than  weeks of snow we had last year.
  8.  boys over there challenged  boys here to a soccer match.
  9. You can’t compare  cars from the fifties and sixties to  cars of today.
  10.  meal tastes so much better than  one we had last week.

  1. I like this movie a lot more than that one they showed last month.
  2. I really like this bar!
  3. I prefer these glasses to those ones over there.
  4. This chair is a lot more comfortable than that one.
  5. Would you rather have these blueberrys or those oranges?
  6. For the price of this computer you can buy three of those smartphones.
  7. I hope that this winter will be nicer than those weeks of snow we had last year.
  8. Those boys over there challenged these boys here to a soccer match.
  9. You can’t compare those cars from the fifties and sixties to these cars of today.
  10. This meal tastes so much better than that one we had last week.

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