Exercice anglais prétérit (avec corrigé)

Exercice anglais preterit N°2

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Mettez les verbes entre parenthèses au prétérit à la forme appropriée:

  1. He  some pie for his grandma. (make)
  2. They  (understand) why he did that.
  3. I   (hear) this song this morning on the radio.
  4. We  (speak) to them last week.
  5. She  (spend) a lot of money to get this car.
  6. We   (watch) TV for too long.
  7. My friend   (forget) his girlfriend’s birthday.
  8.  she  (lose) some weight?
  9. She  (give) him a nice present.
  10. When my dad  (tell) this sad story, I  (cry) a lot.
  11. Paul (choose)   to study abroad.
  12. John always (keep)   money in his pockets.
  13. We (drink)   a lot of beer yesterday.
  14. I (sleep)   on the couch last night.
  15. She (lend)   her 200$.

  1. made
  2. understood
  3. heard
  4. spoke
  5. spent
  6. watched
  7. forgot
  8. did / lose
  9. gave
  10. told/ cried
  11. chose
  12. kept
  13. drank
  14. slept
  15. lent

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