Exercice anglais preterit

Exercice anglais sur le preterit (le past simple)

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Exercice 1

Mettez le verbe entre parenthèse au prétérit:

  1. Sam (visit)   his girlfriend last weekend.
  2. Ray (arrive)   two days ago.
  3. We (go)   to the cinema last night.
  4. I (be)   at the supermarket this morning.
  5. She (see)   Sarah at the bar last week.

Exercice 2

Complétez les phrases à la forme négative:

  1. I phoned Tina yesterday. => I  Tina yesterday.
  2. I tidied up my room. => I  up my room.
  3. Sam became a lawyer. => Sam  a lawyer.
  4. We found the map. => We  the map.
  5. He spoke Japanese to her. => He  Japanese to her.

Exercice 3

Faites des questions avec les mots entre parenthèses:

  1. (you/dance)   at the club last night?
  2. (she/do)   her homework?
  3. (Sam/work)   at the post office?
  4. (He/help)   you with the cleaning-up?
  5. When (I/say)   that?

Exercice 4

Mettre les verbes entre parenthèse au prétérit à la forme nécessaire:

  1. We  for Paris yesterday. (leave)
  2. My friend  (travel) to Japan last year.
  3. I  (live) with my grandparents when I was a child.
  4. We  (work) the whole night.
  5. She  (spend) the whole day working at the mall.
  6. We  (play) video games for an hour.
  7. Our team  (win) the rugby trophy last year.
  8.  you not  (receive) my letter?
  9. She   (not know) what she was supposed to do.
  10. The dog   (enter) the room when I was sleeping.

Exercice 5

Mettre les phrases suivantes au prétérit:

  1. We buy some food. → 
  2. They catch a fish. → 
  3. He crosses the road. → 
  4. They do not sell cookies. → 
  5. Does she play football? → 

Exercice 6

Posez les questions qui conviennent sur les parties en gras:

  1. Tom swam in the lake
  2. Tina paid the rent
  3. The lady gave me this cake. 
  4. I felt bad
  5. His stomach hurts because he ate too much

Correction exercice 1

  1. visited
  2. arrived
  3. went
  4. was
  5. saw

Correction exercice 2

  1. I phoned Tina yesterday. → I did not (ou didn’t) phone Tina yesterday.
  2. I tidied up my room. → I did not (ou didn’t) tidy up my room.
  3. Sam became a lawyer. → Sam did not (ou didn’t) become a lawyer.
  4. We found the map. → We did not (ou didn’t) find the map.
  5. He spoke Japanese to her. → He did not (ou didn’t) speak Japanese to her.

Correction exercice 3

  1. Did you dance at the club last night?
  2. Did she do her homework?
  3. Did Sam work at the post office?
  4. Did he help you with the cleaning-up?
  5. When did I say that?

Correction exercice 4

  1. left
  2. traveled
  3. lived
  4. worked
  5. spent
  6.  played
  7. won
  8. Did you not receive
  9. did not know
  10. entered

Correction exercice 5

  1. We buy some food. → We bought some food.
  2. They catch a fish. → They caught a fish.
  3. He crosses the road. → He crossed the road.
  4. They do not sell cookies. → They did not sell cookies.
  5. Does she play football? → Did she play football?

Correction exercice 6

  1. Where did Tom swim?
  2. What did she pay?
  3. Who gave you this cake?
  4. How did you feel?
  5. Why did his stomach hurt?


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  1. Zoé dit :

    Super exercice vraiment ! J’avais un contrôle hier et je me suis entrainée avec cet exercice. Grace à lui j’ai eu 19,5/20 !! Merci beaucoup encore et je le conseille.

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