Exercice comparatif anglais (niveau 5ème)

Exercice sur le comparatif en anglais à faire en ligne avec son corrigé, niveau 5ème.

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Mettre l’adjectif entre parenthèse a la forme qui convient:

  1. How is your mother now? Is she any ? (Good)
  2. August is  than July in France. (Hot)
  3. She is  than her friend. (Pretty)
  4. Sam is the  boy in the class. (Smart)
  5. Your cat is big, but mine is  (Big)
  6. What is the  country in the world? (Large)
  7. Tom is the  friend I have. (Good)
  8. Her painting is , but yours is  (Bad)
  9. There is no animal  than the lion. (dangerous)
  10. Kenny is the  of the two. (Tall)
  11. A car is  than any other vehicules. (Useful)
  12. Who is the  guitarist? (Great)
  13. A knife is the  of all tools. (Useful)
  14. Helium is  than air. (Light)

  1. Better
  2. Hotter
  3. Prettier
  4. Smartest
  5. Bigger
  6. Largest
  7. Best
  8. Bad, worse
  9. dangerous
  10. Taller
  11. More useful
  12. Greatest
  13. Most useful
  14. Lighter

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