Exercice sur les prépositions anglaise (niveau 5ème)

Exercice sur les prépositions anglaise (niveau 5ème)

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Essayez de deviner la bonne réponse:

  1. They searched  the missing girl for a whole week, but couldn’t find her.
  2. As the man was badly injured, we sent  a doctor.
  3. She is very sensitive  other people’s feelings.
  4. Did you subscribe  this magazine?
  5. I am tired  hearing him complain every day
  6. Always say the truth  your parents.
  7. I have to agree  them, what they say is true.
  8. The Japanese are used  earthquakes.

  1. searched for
  2. sent for
  3. sensitive to
  4. subscribe to
  5. tired of
  6. true to
  7. understanding with
  8. used to

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