Exercice pronom personnel anglais à imprimer

Exercice pronom personnel anglais à imprimer

Les pronoms personnels anglais: exercices (I, he, she, him, her, us…).

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Les corrections se trouvent en bas de page.


Choisissez le bon pronom personnel (il y a plusieurs réponses possibles):

1. Tom is in the soccer team.  is a good bowler.

2. Samantha is learning japanese.  practices every day.

3. Brad and Arnold are good friends.  go to school together.

4.  are on holidays.

5.  are a big family: I have ten cousins!

6. During my vacation, katy send  a letter.

7. Carla tried the blue and the red dress.  likes both of  .

8. Before, Ron didn’t like my friends. Now  likes  .

9. Linda forgot the bike near  house.

10. They are always lying. I need to stop listening to  .

  1. He
  2. She
  3. They
  4. We / they
  5. They
  6. me
  7. She / them.
  8. she / them.
  9. her
  10. them.

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