For ou since – Exercice anglais avec corrigé et PDF

For ou since – Exercice anglais avec corrigé et PDF

Since est le point de départ (one o’clock, last Tuesday, 2010)
For est pour la durée (ten minutes, three days, five years)

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Choisissez entre For et Since:

  1. She has been a lawyer  2005
  2. Sam has been married  six years
  3.  he came here I’ve been very nervous
  4. I’ve lived here  2010
  5. I’ve lived here  four years.
  6. They have been living in Paris  2005.
  7. He has been in jail  five years.
  8. He has known about that  a long time.
  9. My brother has been very ill  last month.
  10. I haven’t eaten anything  two days.
  11. I have been playing video games  hours.
  12. Yuji has been teaching in Osaka  three years.
  13. I haven’t emailed him  a week.
  14. He has been the mayor of our city  2006.
  15. Sam has been learning Japanese  two years.

  1. since
  2. since
  3. for
  4. for
  5. since
  6. since
  7. for
  8. for
  9. since
  10. for
  11. for
  12. for
  13. for
  14. since
  15. for

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