How much / How many – Exercice anglais avec corrigé + PDF à imprimer

How much / How many – Exercice anglais avec corrigé + PDF à imprimer

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Choisissez la bonne réponse: how much ou how many ?

  1.  oranges have you got?
  2.  milk have we got?
  3.  seats do you need for the barbecue?
  4.  coffee do you drink a day.
  5.  sugar did you put in your tea?
  6.  bottles of beer do we have?
  7.  seasons are there in a year?
  8.  girls are there in your class?
  9.  cars are there in the street?
  10.  people can fit in the bus?
  11.  stars are there in the sky?
  12.  people live in that city?
  13.  monkeys are there?
  14.  water is in this lake?
  15.  money is on your bank account?
  16.  countries are there in the world?
  17.  rice do you eat every day?
  18.  bones are there in the human body?
  19.  sand is in the deserts?
  20.  information is on the internet?
  21.  players are in a soccer team?
  22.  money do you get per month?
  23.  time is left?
  24.  brothers does John have?
  25.  phones have you bought already?

  1. How many
  2. How much
  3. How many
  4. How much
  5. How much
  6. How many
  7. How many
  8. How many
  9. How many
  10. How many
  11. How many
  12. How many
  13. How many
  14. How much
  15. How much
  16. How many
  17. How much
  18. How many
  19. How much
  20. How much
  21. How many
  22. How much
  23. How much
  24. How many
  25. How many

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