Les prépositions en anglais – Exercice 1

Les prépositions en anglais 1

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Exercice 1

Complétez les phrases suivantes:

  1. He invested his money  shares. (in /with)
  2. He has no interest  sports. (in /with)
  3. He has the reputation  being a great doctor. (for / of)
  4. They attacked him  his confession. (over / for / of)
  5. He fell a victim  his own trap. (to / of)
  6. The victims  the tsunami were mostly poor people. (to / of)
  7. After visiting Paris we went  Lyon. (with /to)
  8. He supplied the homeless  groceries. (with /to)
  9. He supplied groceries   the homeless. (with /to)

  1. in
  2. in
  3. of
  4. over
  5. to
  6. of
  7. to
  8. with
  9. to

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