Much VS Many | Exercice anglais en ligne (+corrigé et PDF)

Much VS Many | Exercice anglais en ligne (+corrigé et PDF)

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Choisissez la bonne réponse: much, many, a lot, a lot of, lots:

  1. We have  oranges.
  2. We don’t have  apples, and we don’t have  fruit juice.
  3. Do you have any bread? Sure, there’s  in the kitchen. »
  4. How  is this? It’s twenty dollars.
  5. How  do you want? Seven, please.
  6. He’s very busy; he has  work.
  7. Tina has  rice, but Sam doesn’t have  .
  8. Paris has  beautiful buildings.
  9. They eat  cookies.
  10. I watched  movies last week.
  11. I have got  money.
  12. I visited  Asian cities.
  13. Do you like basketball? Yes  .
  14. Were there  people at the concert? Yes, there were  .
  15. Sarah is popular. She’s got  friends. Kelly does not have  .

  1. a lot of
  2. many / much
  3.  a lot
  4. much
  5. many
  6. a lot of
  7. a lot of / much
  8.  a lot of
  9. a lot of
  10. many
  11. lots of
  12. many
  13. a lot
  14. many / a lot
  15. a lot of / many

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