Should Could Would – Exercice anglais

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Should, Could, Would exercice anglais

  1. You  go and meet your friend at the station !
  2. She  improve her Japanese in order to work in Tokyo.
  3. If I were you, I  stay at home.
  4.  I wait for him or not?
  5. You  go to the party, you will have fun.
  6.  have given it back if I had seen her.
  7. You  have listened to what I said!
  8. Which countries  you go to if you travel around the world?
  9. She  do more exercise.
  10. I think they  get married.
  11.  you give me a hand please?
  12.  speak to her if I were you.
  13.  speak to her last night, I didn’t have time.
  14. I think you  learn Chinese if you want to work in import-export.
  15. Tina  be very happy to help you. You  ask her.

Correction exercice

  1. should
  2. should
  3. would
  4. should
  5. should
  6. would
  7. should
  8. would
  9. should
  10. should
  11. Could
  12. would
  13. couldn’t
  14. should
  15. would / should

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