Test – Les prépositions en anglais

Test – Les prépositions en anglais

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Complétez les phrases suivantes en utilisant la préposition qui convient (il peut y avoir plusieurs solutions):

  1. He graduated  the Tokyo University.
  2. Sam worked as a teacher  two years.
  3. A bank was robbed  three gangsters.
  4. There were  thirty people at the meeting.
  5. She is well  average in intelligence.
  6. The institution is run by a committee consisting  ten members.
  7. I am not familiar  these developments.
  8. He got himself  trouble with his mean remarks.
  9. The children laughed  the fat kid.
  10. The teacher told me that he was impressed  my work.

  1. What is wrong with Tina today?
  2. Could you translate this into Japanese for me?
  3. The police is searching for drugs.
  4. Mum drove into a wall again yesterday.
  5. I must apologize for disturbing you.
  6. Why is he receiving money from the Government?
  7. We searched for the missing boy for three days.
  8. I’m short of money these days.
  9. We were talking about our next trip to Italy.
  10. He reminds me of an old friend.

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