Les 100 verbes les plus utilisés en anglais

La liste complète des 100 verbes anglais

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accepter to accept
acheter to buy
aider to help
aimer to like, to love
ajouter to add
aller to go
allumer to turn on
appeler to call, to contact
apporter to bring, to take
apprendre to learn, to teach, to hear of
arrêter to stop
arriver to arrive, to happen
attendre to wait for, to expect
avoir to have
avoir besoin to require
casser to break
changer to change, to alter
chanter to sing
chercher to search, to look for, to seek
choisir to choose, to select
commencer to begin, to start
comprendre to understand, to include
compter to count
conduire to drive
connaître to know, to get to know
continuer to continue
couper to cut
courir to run
croire to believe (in)
décider to decide
demander to ask for
descendre to go down
devenir to become, to turn into
devoir to must, to have to, to owe
dire to say, to tell
donner to give
dormir to sleep
écouter to listen to
écrire to write
empêcher to prevent, to stop
entendre to hear
entrer to enter, to go into
envoyer to send
essayer to try, to attempt
éteindre to turn off
être to be
exister to exist
expliquer to explain
faire to do, to make
faire la cuisine to cook
fermer to close
finir, terminer to finish, finish
gagner to win, to gain, to earn
garder to keep
goûter to taste
jeter to throw
jouer to play, to gamble, to act
laisser to leave, to let, to allow
laver, nettoyer to clean (up)
lire to read
manger to eat
marcher to walk
mettre to put, to place
montrer to show, to display
oublier to forget
ouvrir to open (up)
parler to speak, to talk
partir to leave, to depart
payer to pay
penser to think
perdre to lose, to waste
permettre to allow, to permit, to enable
pleurer to cry
porter to wear, to carry
poser to put down, to lay something down
pouvoir to be able (can)
prendre to take, to catch
préparer to prepare something, to make
rappeler to call back, to remind
recevoir to receive
reconnaître to recognize, to acknowledge
refuser to refuse
regarder, voir to watch, see
rencontrer to meet, to encounter
rendre to return something, to give back
rentrer (à la maison) to go home
répéter to repeat
répondre to answer, to reply
ressembler to look like
rester to stay, to remain
retourner to return, to come back
retrouver to find, to meet up, to regain
réussir to succeed
revenir to come back, to return
rire to laugh
s’asseoir to take a seat
s’endormir to fall asleep
savoir to know
se laver to Wash oneself
se reposer to take a rest
se réveiller to awake
se souvenir, se rappeler to remember
sortir to get out, to leave, to exit, to come out
suivre to follow, to pay attention
tenir to hold, to keep
tirer to pull, to draw (curtains…), to fire a gun
tomber to fall
toucher to touch, to feel
tourner to turn
travailler to work
trouver to find, to discover
utiliser to use, to employ
vendre to sell
venir to come
vivre to live
voir to see
voler to fly
vouloir to want, to wish

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