Was ou Were ? Exercice en ligne

Was ou Were en anglais ? Exercice gratuit en ligne

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Was ou Were ?

  1. I   in Paris last spring.
  2. We at school last Saturday.
  3.  Tina  at home yesterday.
  4. He  happy.
  5. Tina and Kenny  Sam’s friends.
  6. You  very busy on Saturday.
  7. They in front of the library.
  8.  in the museum.
  9. She  in Japan last month.
  10. Tony and Katy  late for school.
  11.  happy.
  12. You  angry.
  13. She  in New York last week.
  14. He  on holiday.
  15. It  hot.

  1. I was in Paris last spring.
  2. We were at school last Saturday.
  3. Tina was at home yesterday.
  4. He was happy.
  5. Tina and Kenny were Sam’s friends.
  6. You were very busy on Saturday.
  7. They were in front of the library.
  8. I was in the museum.
  9. She was in Japan last month.
  10. Tony and Katy were late for school.
  11. I was happy.
  12. You were angry.
  13. She was in New York last week.
  14. He was on holiday.
  15. It was hot.

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