Exercice présent simple anglais (pour la 6ème)

Exercice présent simple anglais 6ème

Les corrections se trouvent en bas de page.


Complétez chaque phrase avec la forme correcte du verbe entre parenthèses au présent simple.

  1. She always (to eat) breakfast before going to school.
  2. They usually (to play) football in the park on Saturdays.
  3. He rarely (to watch) TV in the evening.
  4. My parents often (to go) shopping on weekends.
  5. We sometimes (to visit) our grandparents in the countryside.
  6. The sun (to rise) in the east every morning.
  7. Cats (to sleep) a lot during the day.
  8. He never (to forget) his homework.
  9. Birds (to sing) early in the morning.
  10. She (to brush) her teeth after every meal.


  1. eats
  2. play
  3. watches
  4. go
  5. visit
  6. rises
  7. sleep
  8. forgets
  9. sing
  10. brushes

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